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I am Sourabh, a web and app developer and a soon to be Engineer in Computer Science and Engineering. Alongside pursuing BTech. Along this way, I have gained experience enough to help and guide beginners. The beauty of work lies in simplicity And power lies in adjustment. The more you adjust, the better use you make of available resources, hence more you save for investing in future. What is the most required quality of a coder or programmer? He creates more in less space. You are going to master that skill with time. But let's expand it's arena. Let's add time, money, thinking and management in our objective too. This is what you are gonna be served on this website/blog. Here you will learn to make your skills more productive and more efficient. The tech giants have a massive greed for talent, the talent which can further flourish their own company. In order to find that talent, and carve it and then to use it for their own development, they provide these free resources. So as to insure that everybody has equal opportunity and no talent goes waste. Now it is the responsibility of seeker himself to find these opportunities, which is an indeed great task and requires a lot of effort, lot of research, lot of knowledge. Don't worry guys. That's why we are here! To give you an insight to a brief description of these resources and to help you to find out the best as per your requirement

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My blog posts and articles are related to cloud platforms which available out their. Mostly I write about how students can grab freebies(premium licensed Software and Subscriptions) which provided by tech giant companies  free of cost for students, So that they can learn freely without wasting any kind of money. I also write about how to use different cloud platforms and provide solutions of the problems occur in them without taking much time.


If you want to create any stunning website or app you can contact me. I will help you to do that at low cost (as per your project requirement) . I can create E-commerce, portfolio, resume, artist, entertainment Or any other kind of website that you want. All the services are bounded by our agreement so that you can assure a good quality work. For further information you can contact me on fiverr For more

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I’m Lunatic 🌜 Teenager On A Mission To Make The World 🌏 A Better Place! 👻

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Basically , I’m a Student. Pursuing My Engineering Degree in Computer Science & Technology! Beside that, I’m..

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    🏗️ Organizations :

    • Project Work Private Limited ⚙️ : A Open Source Project Initially Made For Student Who Wants to Learn Programming,Designing,Software,Web Development,Cyber-Security and Penetration Testing 🧪

    🌐projectwork.co.in (PWPL)

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    • Hacker Community Organization 🕵️‍♂️ : A Organization fully Social(like Facebook but only for Geeks) If You are a Tech Worm and Want To Know Each And Every Bit Of Tech Innovation Going in the World 🗺️

    🌐hackercommunity.org (HCO)

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    • Open Source Security Tools 🔧 : A Group of Talented Pentestors And Security Experts Who Regularly Publish Their Hacking tools Which used For security Purpose ( Includes official tools and unofficial tools both)

    🌐hackercommunity.tech (OSST)

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    • AdigoLifestyle 🛍️ : A Govt. Registered Online Shopping Website Based on E-Commerce. Browse From Thousands Of Premium Products Of Womens Mens And Kids.

    🌐adigolifestyle.com (ALS 😀)

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    • Cartoon Hub 🎞️ : I Created this for fun and entertainment purpose because I love Anime and Cartoon both from my childhood so I think that there are many other out their who also love them so I created this portal of sharing different cartoon Movies,Shows Series in different languages over the internet at My Website so anyone can Access them freely.

    🌐cartoonhub.xyz (CH Corp.)

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